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Getting to know a laptop


                         General Information Laptops : Hardware Overview   


General hardware components:

Cpu fan - to help with keeping the laptop cooler

heat sink/heat pipe - made for the laptop so it doesn't overheat allowing air circulation in a compressed space

CPU socket- allowing you to insert the CPU ( core processor unit) in it

CPU- core processor unit - carries out the instruction of the programs. ( the core)

hard drive- Storing data persistently

CMOS battery- battery in motherboard used for things like the bios

Wireless card- adding wireless options to a laptop

Speakers - with it's obvious purpose is to create sound and are attached to the motherboard

Ram- " computer memory that can be accessed randomly" is how you would describe it

Battery- the main power source for a laptop. ( make sure to have it in for the laptop to power up before all else)

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